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Emergency Smoke Extraction

In the event of a fire in densely populated buildings such as Hospitals, Stores, Sports Centres and Shopping Malls, it is essential that adequate emergency smoke ventilation is provided.  This not only keeps escapes routes clear but also minimises damage to buildings and contents and assists the Fire Service in fighting fire.

The type of fan can be used as part of a Roof Extract unit incorporating a Victoria fabricated steel Vertical Jet Roof Extract Cowl.


Dynamically balanced aluminium aerofoil section or steel or stainless steel for higher temperatures.

Fan Casing

Victoria standard short or long casing to suit application, heavy gauge fabricated steel welded construction galvanised or epoxy coated after manufacture.  Diameters from 250-1600mm

Terminal Box Connection

One of the most important aspects of smoke extract units is the provision of a suitable cable material that will not perish with heat and that will continue to power the motors at elevated temperatures.

Emergency Smoke Roof Extract Fans

Incorporating axials fans as described above and Vertical Jet Roof Cowls.  Fabricated in steel and finished in powder epoxy polyester resin with galvanised steel backdraught shutters. Provides an ideal terminal device for a smoke extract duct.

  • 300°C/2hrs                            BSEN 12101-3
  • 400°C/2hrs                            BS 7346

Products suitable for Emergency Smoke Extraction

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