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Man Cooler Axial

This range of fans are used to provide ventilation in factories or confined spaces where a fixed installation would not provide enough flexibility. These fans are useful in welding and paint fume exhausts, grain and hay drying, brick cooling, steel billet cooling and ships hold ventilation. Flexible or canvas hose can be fitted to the inlet of the fan to give 'point' extract from remote locations.


The standard construction comprises mild steel fan body and swivel base with polypropylene or aluminium impeller & galvanised finish. An external terminal box is fitted to the outside of the casing for ease of connection onsite. The fans are supplied with inlet and outlet guards.


Up to size 50cm, the fans can be fitted with single or three phase electric motors, thereafter they are normally fitted with three phase motors only.

For the Petro-Chemical and other hazardous industries, the fans can be fitted with EExd Zone 1 or Zone 2 Motors.

Extras - If required

2 Speed Motors, Pre-wired starters, Epoxy Coating, Fixed or free casters and special voltages.

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